Pray For Zambia

Why Zambia?

We had been thinking about missions for some time particularly since we moved to America. In February 2005 we felt God calling us very strongly after Glenn Ripley (who started Action Zambia) preached at West Hills on Ordinary Christian Living. We met with Glenn later in the week who was delighted and asked us to prayfully consider joining him in Zambia to work with Discipleship and Pastoral Development.

We went on orientation to the ACTION International Ministries Headquarters in Seattle in April 2006 where we were accepted to work with Action Zambia where we will be starting in August 2007.

Before we went, we had to raise our support. This gave us time to continue to consider the call from God before we made the final decision to come. It also gave Graham a chance to visit again and decide on schools for the children. If you are interested in supporting us or aspects of the work here in Zambia, please visit out support page.


Glenn Preaching in a church in Zambia about God adopting us as his children. Glenn is holding on of his adopted children, Gift, as an illustration.