Orphan Sunday

October 2007 Newsletter

Today is October 24 – Independence Day and a national holiday here in Zambia, the country having won its independence from Britain back in 1964.  Philip and Rachel have this week off school but last Friday took part in a very grand assembly at LICS to celebrate this important date in the Zambian calendar.

As the children learnt more of the history of Zambia so we are learning more of the culture – the good and bad – as we continue to settle in and adjust.  We are aware almost daily of how little we understand and how much we have to rely on God.  In our first ten weeks here there have been a number of very difficult situations to deal with, as well as working to bring the office up to speed and getting used to living here.  Graham has had less time than he had hoped to start getting to know and work with local pastors but he has started to build up some friendships and is teaching a weekly class in the south of the city – 10 weeks on Galatians and Romans!  The college where he is teaching is  in one of the compounds and the pastors who attend have little materially but are very keen to learn and shepherd their congregations.  The head of the college similar aims to those of Action Zambia – to equip pastors and to send out missionaries from Zambia to other parts of Africa.

Graham’s parents will soon be arriving in Lusaka and they will be busy!  They spent a month here back in 2005 which included Randolph teaching pastors a series on Corinthians.  He will be carrying on with that this time!  Many of the pastors remember him well and he will be taking a total of 15 classes!  His parents will also take a day’s seminar for those who have spent the last five months going through the CROSS project, AZ’s AIDS programme, and Madeline will hopefully be involved with a couple of days teacher training for teachers working in community schools.  Hopefully we will have some fun family time too!

A number of you have asked for our full contact details which we keep forgetting to do… apologies, here they are:

Postal address: P/B 230 X Ridgeway, Lusaka, Zambia

Email: melviles2zambia@melvilleeorld.com

Phone: we have kept our Californian vonage number so you can call us on 408 779 0418 (sound familiar?!) or you can skype us on ‘gmelville80’ The quality on Vonage is sometimes poor so Skype is better. Remember the time difference (in the winter we are 10 hours ahead of California and 2 hours ahead of the UK).  Please also remember the big delay you get as you talk – it gets a bit of getting used to!


We really do appreciate all your support and care more than we can say – thank you so much.

With lots of love – Graham, Sarah, Philip and Rachel xx




To contact us: email melvilles2zambia@melvillesworld.com

Website: http://www.melvillesworld.com/zambia

The Children keep lizards in their room to eat the mosquitoes!

If you would like to give to this ministry, please make checks/cheques out to Action International Ministries and note the memo account Melville.  All gifts are used as designated and receipted for tax purposes.

Action International Ministries, P.O. Box 398, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043, USA

Or P.O. Box 144, Wallasey, Wirral CH44 5WE, UK 

Prayer requests

Ž   Please pray for a number of difficult situations that we cannot give details of but need your prayer – especially for wisdom

Ž   That the children would continue to do well at school and that we would all be aware of God’s provision as we miss home

Ž   For the class that Graham is teaching

Ž   That we would manage the finances well and correctly

Ž   For safe travels, good health and blessed teaching as Graham’s parents come and stay with us soon.

Ž   How best to deal with the constant requests for money and loans from our staff.

Rachel with hair extensions which are very popular here in Zambia!