Philip’s school friends held a surprise leaving party for him

June 2007 Newsletter

It seems a long time ago since we wrote our last newsletter as so much has happened. It has also been about the most stressful time of our lives that we can remember, so thank you so much for all of you that were praying for us.

Graham has now finished work which was a huge bonus as the moving out of our house was a much bigger task than we imagined. There were small repairs that had been over looked for some time, a pool fence to install, roofs to fix, as well as boxing everything up.

A major bonus was the generosity of some friends who have not only stored our stuff, but allowed us to stay with them while we are in town. Having a highly strung family about to move to Africa living with you is not a bed of roses and we appreciate them enormously.

We moved out of our house a few days before the children finished school so that week was unsettling for everyone. Philip in particular is going to miss his friends and is finding it hardest, but at the same time is very accepting about the move.  He was also the recipient of a surprise party with his closest classmates the day after school finished which was a wonderful evening.

We are now out and about traveling and visiting friends with intermittent web access so please be patient if you send us emails. Perhaps it is good preparation for Zambia as we will probably only get internet access once or twice a week at internet cafes.

So we have much to praise God for and still much to get through.  We were very challenged just yesterday by the message here at our home church, West Hills Community Church, about how integral joy is to our faith and we realized that we have been too focused on the stresses we are facing and not nearly enough on all the blessings in our lives.  It was also during this service that we were commissioned and prayed for and we had a wonderful time of fellowship afterwards with many of our friends—we are going to miss West Hills and are privileged to have them partner with us as we leave for Zambia.

Prayer requests:

We’ll remember the many things we have to get done before we leave the USA and don’t forget to pack something essential!

We will have good times as we see friends these last couple of weeks and wouldn’t find the goodbyes too painful.

That the flight to the UK is without delays or problems and we recover quickly from the jet lag (8 hours difference)







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