December 2007 Newsletter

time even though they both came out to do different work.  That is not always easy and the team is grateful for their leadership in this transition time.  Tim’s wife is expecting a baby in just a few weeks so remember them in your prayers!  Graham is now overseeing all the administration roles of the mission and is also managing to fit in some pastoral work.  He is coming to the end of teaching a series on Galatians and Romans at a small Bible school catering for pastors from the compound, some of whom come many miles to learn.

Philip and Rachel are doing well.  Recently they both had special parts as their school took part in a pre-Christmas event at one of the two western style malls here in town.  A number of groups were scheduled to sing before the Christmas lights were turned on.  It didn’t all go according to plan.  Not all the schools turned up, there was no electricity to begin with, the CD player didn’t work and no, the lights didn’t get turned on at all!  TIZ – this is Zambia!

Christmas will certainly be very different this year – it is pretty low key here which is not surprising when so many of Lusaka’s huge population live in poverty.  It is a good reminder to us that our Saviour came into the world Himself in

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Prayer requests

Ž   For Graham as he oversees some difficult tasks in his new role and that he would be able to get some down time.

Ž  For continued good health and safety.

Ž  For our unity and good working relationships in our team – including the Roberts and the Singletons who are planning to arrive here in January / February, preparing to come over is very stressful!

Ž  For the pastors who attended both Graham and Randolph’s teaching – that they would put into practice what they have learned.

Ž  For Philip and Rachel – that they enjoy their Christmas break from school (there is a lot less to do here in Lusaka than they are used to back home) and they wouldn’t find going back in January too difficult!

We will be celebrating with Graham’s parents who are with us until just after the holidays.  Thank you for your prayers for them.  Their teaching has been wonderful and many pastors have had the opportunity to learn from Randolph’s five week series on 1 Corinthians.  Pray that this time will have a long lasting impact on their ministries.

Graham’s role has been officially changed, at least until the middle of 2008.  Recently the Action Zambia board confirmed that our good friend and colleague Tim Hilty is to be Country leader and Graham, Operations officer until June 30th 2008.  Both of them have stepped into roles that the mission really needs at this

incredibly humble circumstances and that is what Christmas is really about.  Our home church (West Hills Community Church in Morgan Hill CA) have been very kind and we picked up two huge boxes of parcels that they sent – the kids agonised as they saw them being hidden away in a cupboard!  We certainly won’t have snow here!  We may well have a thunderstorm – there have been many of these of late and they are quite spectacular with lightening striking a tree in our garden one night recently!

We miss our friends and family very much.  Thank you for all your support – keep emailing!  We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2008.

With love from Graham, Sarah, Philip and Rachel



It is now rainy season. This is the front of our house—a river!

Randolph in a feedback session after teaching one of the 15 sessions on Corinthians


A very Happy Christmas to you all from Zambia!