Lorries are typically overloaded and loads fall off. We passed a dropped load of glue—very sticky!

August 2007 Newsletter

Well we have made it!  After a long time of preparation we are here in Lusaka and getting used to a new culture again but this is a much bigger adjustment than moving from the UK to the US!  We had a tiring but good five weeks in England before flying over and that gave us the additional bonus of having already got over jetlag as Zambia is only an hour ahead of the UK in the summer, and we had already got used to driving on the left hand side of the road again.  It has also been fun seeing old favourites from the UK in the store that we have missed in California and of course the English spoken here is pretty much our native tongue although they call traffic lights ‘robots’ which we don’t really understand!

The Action Zambia team have been great in welcoming us and helping us to settle in and we are fast making new friends and looking forward to meeting new team-mates.  Another family arrive next week and our good friends, the Ripleys, will be rejoining the field in a couple of months – we really enjoyed spending time with them in Morgan Hill and look forward to working alongside them as teammates.

There have been a number of team changes here and that has meant that we all have to be flexible – Graham’s main purpose in coming was to work in a small team teaching and discipling pastors from the compounds (the poor areas of Lusaka – the living conditions are often shocking and always far below what we are used to in the west) but for the moment we are both getting stuck into finance!  One of our teammates goes to the US on furlough next week and we are taking over his responsibilities for the next few months.  So we have had to jump in with both feet and are learning all we can and are starting to be hands on.  The real test will come when payday comes around – we really need to get that right!

As you know, Philip and Rachel are going to an international school not too far from our house and as we write, they have had four days there.  It is a big adjustment for them and they are finding it hard being the new kids and getting used to a whole new routine and way of doing things but they are coping well.  We have two dogs that live outside as a deterrent to would be burglars and the children are really enjoying playing with them.  They aren’t the most disciplined animals around so Graham is trying to train them to be better behaved, especially the younger one, and the kids like helping him out with that.

There are of course many adjustments for us to make and a big one is much more limited access to the internet.  We investigated having broadband at the house but that is far too expensive so we are having  to rely on dial up at home and the local internet café.  Quite a difference to having access 24/7!  We would also like to make a small request - if you send photos could you please make sure that they are at a low definition otherwise we won’t be able to download them.  Large emails just don’t work here – sorry!  Do please email us though, we really want to keep in touch and even though we may not be able to reply straight away, we will do so – nag us if we don’t as email sometimes goes astray here!

We really do appreciate all your support and care more than we can say – thank you so much.

With lots of love – Graham, Sarah, Philip and Rachel xx




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Our house worker Josephine and her family

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Prayer requests

Praise for God’s care and provision – especially going through Heathrow and Lusaka airports and for the fact that all our luggage arrived intact

For Philip and Rachel, that they would make new friends and feel part of school

That we would manage the finances well and correctly

For continued adjustment to a new culture and as we make new relationships with our teammates and with Zambians

A treat from the Hilty’s our fellow workers, the milk shakes were good!