Dear Friend


As I write this April has just begun, it is Rachel’s birthday today (Philip’s last week) and it is barely over three months before we fly out of California….


“To do” list

The nearer we get to leaving Morgan Hill, the more we add to our ‘to do’ lists and some of them are pretty major!  One of the most important ones is the renting of our house.  Inevitably we have a few jobs to do around the house and we are starting to think about what we should sell, give away, take or store.  We have kindly been offered some storage space here in town which is wonderful and soon we will be actively searching for tenants.  We will also shortly be initiating the process to get re-entry permits which we will need to come back to the US with our green cards as permanent residents.



Great praise – we have been told that there are places for both children for the next school year at LICS (Lusaka International Community School).  We still have to work out some payment details and are being introduced to some of the difficulties we will face soon – their email keeps going down so it is taking a long time to sort this out.



We will be buying our tickets shortly so we cannot give you exact dates yet, but we plan to leave the US around July 11 to spend 4-5 weeks visiting friends and family in the UK.  School starts for the children in the third week of August so we will fly out in the middle of the month to Lusaka.



We have about 65% of our support.  We are in discussion with a couple of local churches and would love for them to be able to partner with us.  We are learning, day by day, to focus on God as the source of all our needs – it is not always easy!  We have been so blessed and humbled by the support we have received.  If any of you know of a church or other group that would be interested in us sharing our plans for the next two years, then we would love for you to get in contact with us to arrange that.



We are really enjoying having fellowship with Glenn and Liese Ripley along with their children Gift and Grace as they are currently on home leave.  We hope to do a little language learning before we leave as we were both pretty poor at the compulsory French we had to do at school, so need all the help we can get!  We are also looking forward to getting to know the rest of the team.  There is another family, the Allens, going out to Lusaka the same time as ourselves who live up in Washington state, but we are hoping to meet up with Steve soon as he visits San Francisco shortly.


Prayer Requests

·                     For great tenants for our house

·                     For Philip and Rachel – they are sad about leaving friends and anxious about starting a new school

·                     Support- for all our financial needs to come in, especially that the churches we are speaking to would support us

·                     Immigration –please pray that the permit application process will go smoothly


With our love, Graham, Sarah, Philip & Rachel


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