Monday, June 8, 2009

We are home!

Yes, we made it back safely and are now back in our adopted home town of Morgan Hill, California. The Sunday before we left we had tearful farewells as we attended our last service at International Baptist church. The folk there have become so dear to us and that congregation will be one of the things that we miss most about Zambia. Our team also put on a farewell get-together on Sunday afternoon and many pastors that Graham had taught came along as well as other friends. It was a very special day and emotionally draining but absolutely fantastic.
We went home that evening to find we had no hot water and the next day there was no electricity for nearly 10 hour so we had back to back, the joys and trials of living in Zambia!
After a few more tears at the airport we had a nightmare check in. It took an hour and a half and we were one of the last ones on the plane because the check in clerk insisted that we had one more bag than we really did. She was as unhelpful as she possibly could be and needless to say the experience was somewhat stressful. After that thought the flight was great, we had a restful night at Heathrow and had no hassles with immigration at San Francisco which was a huge answer to prayer and a great relief!

We are staying with our friends the Swings who have kindly let us stay as long as we want and it is great to hang out with them again and with other friends here - our church family here have been just that, a family who are taking such wonderful care of us. The hard work of moving our stuff back into our house was hard work but also so much fun with a group of friends that just made it a great day! There was a pot luck at our church here, West Hills Community Church, yesterday at which Graham spoke and loads of people attended.
So we are getting used to driving on the right hand side of the road - it was SO weird being driven back from the airport on the 'wrong' side! We both have valid CA licenses again and are concentrating hard to make sure we stay on the 'right' side of the road now we in charge of a vehicle - so far, so good...! We hope to move back into our place tomorrow and get reacquainted with our neighbours. It is good to be home. We would still ask you to pray as we sort out jobs and schools and get some much needed rest, especially Graham. Once again, thank you for journeying with us, its been a wild ride!