Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter play

On Easter Sunday the children at our church put on a play depicting the Easter story. They had been practicing for some weeks but had never had the opportunity to rehearse in the church itself! It went really well and we enjoyed seeing our kids perform with their Zambian friends. Philip (yes his hair has got very long at the moment - he loves it!) was Jesus for the first half of the play when his fellow missionay kid friend, Daniel, took over. They wore the same toga made out of one of our bed sheets to make sure that no-one was confused! Rachel was the high priest and also sung a duet with Kamryn, one of the other children with Action Zambia. They were all fantastic! After the service we had a lovely lunch at the church, catered for by some of the church ladies to say goodbye to another missionary family - Daniel's. The Shaws have been great friends to us here as they have been serving with the Southern Baptist mission and in saying goodbye to them it reminded us that it will soon be us saying farewell...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lydia Starts to Walk

Lydia is walking!

Yesterday (April 8), we went to visit with Lydia and her family and were amazed at how much progress she has made.  She wasn’t in the living room when we arrived and it brought tears to our eyes to see her walk in the room albeit somewhat shakily and with mom very close by.  We cannot tell you how much better she is doing compared to when we last saw her a couple of weeks ago.  Her parents told us that she went to church with them for the first time on Sunday and Lydia told us that she liked going.  This time is also such a boost for Ernest and Laikah – they looked much less tired and a lot happier, obviously so encouraged by their daughter’s improvement.

This is not to say that there is a long way to go.  A physiotherapist is coming to the house three times a week which is possible only because of your generosity. He was there when we visited yesterday and we were very impressed.  It is a huge blessing that he comes to see her in her own environment and without the stress of travelling to a clinic.  While he was working with her we could hear her crying because her muscles have stiffened up so much the past few months.  It is one of those situations where you have to be cruel to be kind although it was hard to hear her upset.  We were also told that her drug regime has been reduced and this is undoubtedly helping her as she was a lot more responsive and stayed awake most of the time we were there.  She has got very thin but over the last few days she is eating more and she is starting to feed herself with some foods

There is no progress yet with her sight.  Please pray for this and that she will gain strength in her muscles and confidence as she learns to move around again.  Do also pray that she will gain more appetite and put on weight.  God is good!

From Sarah