Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our last week

Yes, we have just a week to go and in the last few days have seen the best and worst of Zambia. Last week I took some toys and activities to an orphanage here in town that looks after older kids. The man that is in charge is a wonderful guy - a great Christian, works hard, does a fantastic job and he told us that a few days previously thieves had stolen the water pump. Then just this last weekend we heard of another theft, this time from a family that looks after street boys, who lost half of their chickens that provide much needed income. Zambia is so wonderful and so frustrating!

On a lighter note we were driving to the airport a few weeks ago and saw this sight - yes, the police truck appears to have parked in a wall! The funnier thing is that just a few doors down is located 'The Careful Driving School', maybe the driver of the truck should sign up...


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