Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello from Lydia

The last update on Lydia we talked about her walking. She continues to improve in her walking but without sight it is a little limited on where she can go. In the township/ compound where she lives, there are no regular roads or side walks, just rough and rocky dirt roads. We visited for a last time before we leave Zambia, and the progress in her speach was amazing. Before she would only speak when spoken to with very limited vocabulary. When she was asked to talk, would say "I have nothing to say, you talk". Now she talks non stop! She has also become very "touchy feely" wanting and more emotionally. She has a message for all who have been supporting her which is in the video below.


She still cannot see, so please continue to pray for her sight. She is also still cofussed in her long term and short term memory. She get facts muddled and thinks she remembers things that haven't happened. She has put on a little bit of weight, but still needs building up. Her physiotherapy continues to help her a lot, so thank you for the continued support.
At our leaving get together, her father reiterated his thanks to you all.
For those in California, see you soon!


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