Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Garden

We will miss our garden when we leave Zambia this June. The colours of so many of the trees and flowers are beautiful. This picture shows one of my favourites. This blossom looks so delicate and yet it really endures, it almost feels waxy - it hung on through all the rain we have had recently and we have had a lot! One thing that we will be happy to leave behind though are the odd snakes that turn up outside. This one was killed by Richard, but as you can see from the photo its skinny body had a big lump in the middle. Well in typical boy fashion, especially one who loves science, Philip wanted to see what was inside!
It was revolting (typical girl response from Rachel and me) as the snake writhed a lot even though it was dead, and once it was cut open a small rodent emerged - dead but whole.
It would have probably kept that snake going for a long while had he not met such an untimely end!


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