Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Economic woes hit Zambia too

The news is full of the world wide economic turndown. It concerns everyone - we are not looking forward to Graham having to find a job in the current climate! But here in Zambia the impact of this crisis is so much more devastating than back home. That is not said to detract from the difficulties that anyone reading this blog might be facing. It is just that unemployment here was already so high and when people lose jobs here the results are often a lack of food for the family, children not being able to go to school or being sent to relatives where parents cannot care for them, an inability to pay for medical care when needed and malnutrition. The local currency, the kwacha, has fallen in value very dramatically. Around August/September last year you got about 3200/3300 kwacha to the dollar, yesterday it was around 5600 kwacha to the dollar. There have been a few articles on the news recently about Zambia's economic woes - check these out: about the collapsing flower industry here in Lusaka; about the crisis in the copper industry which is probably the biggest issue in the Zambian economy right now and which highlights the increase in malnutrition amongst children under the age of five. Please be in prayer for this nation.


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