Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pastors learning

Graham's parents are visiting at the moment and so we invited some local pastors to our home so that Randolph, his dad, could teach them from the book of Revelation. Here is a photo of some of them under the carport as they discuss various questions that have been raised on this particular afternoon. It is great to hear them sing and then see them listening eagerly to the teaching and taking this opportunity to learn more of God's Word.

Graham's discipleship class continues too. The men are now starting to run the same course (Navigator's 2:7 ) in their own churches. So now they meet twice a week. Once continuing with the material themselves, and then also to meet and discuss how they are doing in their own churches, sharing advice and discussing how they can handle various situations that they are coming across. So from a class of 12, many are now going through this excellent course which we first came across more than 10 years ago and which we would highly recommend to any Christian who wants to really grow in their faith. It is our hope that this course would end well for these men and for the classes that have spread from this one, even though we will not be here to see them finish it. This photo shows Graham with some of his class and also with Tracy Singleton, an Action Zambia missionary who heads up the PLD (Pastoral Leadership Development) team.


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