Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A quick update from the Melvilles - it is very wet!!

They are saying that it is the worst rainy season for 100 years. Some areas of the country are completely flooded and even here in Lusaka there are areas which are very bad. We have posted some pictures at Here is a picture from some time back of the front of our house - when it rains it can really rain! The wind was so strong that the rain was blowing over the front of the car. You can just make out our guard in the guard hut at the front. The water was just about to go into the hut, but fortunately it drained away through the gate to the street. Still there was over 12 inches that collected in under an hour!
The good side is that it is not too hot at present and the kids love getting soaked! It is still warm after the rain and even a little hot if the sun comes out. The bad side is that it is making most people's lives a misery. As you can see from the pictures at the link above, houses are getting flooded and when it is all you have and your family around you are flooded, there is nowhere to go. With so many roads impassable and falling apart, it is driving up the price of food which is very hard on most people. Even the main road from Lusaka to Livingstone has deteriorated very badly and has added four hours to the journey. The water breeds mosquitos that bring malaria and worse the sewage is now mixed up with it, wells are contaminated and any day there could be outbreaks of cholera or other diseases.
We are very thankful for our high four wheel drive car even if it does leak through the old sun roof when it rains. We have seen many vehicles stuck in the water and mud.