Saturday, September 27, 2008

The dangers of Bus Travel

Today there was a meeting of a number of Pastors at our house. One Pastor turned up and had lost his glasses. He was very embarrassed as it meant he could not see people well enough to recognize them. When he explained how he had lost them, it made me thankful I was not with him. The bus he caught to get to us had caught fire. With sparks and flames everywhere, people were rushing to get off. The buses are small, should only hold 14 passengers but often have over 20, the most I have counted including children was 25. Here are a few pictures I took using my Nokia N93 of the inside of a bus last week, I have reduced the resolution for the blog but I think you can get an idea of how bad it was. I was in the front with another man and the driver and was expecting it break down at any point. As it turned out we didn't get very far until the police stopped us and impounded the bus - but not for the condition it was in but for having too many passengers. We joined the line of impounded buses and thankfully we got a refund to get on another bus. We then had to walk along to the front of the line where an empty bus picked us up - all of us - so overloaded we carried on on our journey.


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