Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pastors at Lusaka Theological College

I have been teaching on Tuesday nights at a small college in Kanyama - a township/compound in the south of Lusaka (it was the one that got badly flooded) It is called Lusaka Theological college and is set up to be a low cost college for pastors in the local area. I have just finished teaching them a 12 weeks course on Galatians and Romans and last week gave them back their assignments and their final tests. The nights usually end up, and sometimes start, with no electricity so we end up using candles. It is a bit of a dangerous drive back after dark in the compound, especially going through the city market at night. The traffic jams up as there are no police out at that time and every mini bus driver thinks only of himself. I once got stuck for nearly one hour trying to get through and felt very conspicuous as the only white. Fortunately it is still early enough so the drunks are mainly just merry! I started taking a long detour around, but that means either going over a very risky mud bridge that is only just wide enough for my four wheel drive, or going through the heart of another compound on a very narrow mud road. So, partly as a treat for them and partly for me, we held this last class in our office in town and had pizza and a fruity drink. I had sent out a text message saying we would be having pizza, so they turned up smartly dressed because they thought I sent them a message saying "I would take their picture"!!! I worked it out after a while where they got the idea of the picture, when I realized how few had seen pizza. As it happened I did bring my camera and here are some a few pictures. I started with 14 pastors at the beginning of term, but one died a few weeks into the course from a stomach ulcer. A few were traveling as it was the summer holidays so there are just eight of them here.

Here they are singing a few songs at the beginning.

The last photos are them posing with their papers, results and a copy of Wentworth Pikes "Sharing The Bread of Life" which Doug Nichols from Action International had sent across previously.


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