Saturday, June 21, 2008

Philip graduates from year 6

Philip and Rachel have just one more week of school and next year inevitably brings changes but especially for Philip. At LICS they follow the British school system and so he moves from primary (elementary) to secondary (junior high/high school) next year. They have already graduated and there was a splendid 'ceremony' to mark this event. The class was all dressed up and paraded in solemnly. They then performed a number of songs and skits - Philip had the lead part in one and was fantastic (and my parental prejudice has been backed up by other's opinions!). Following certificate giving and photo opportunities we all had refreshments and then the class went off for lunch at a local hotel and the day was finished by an induction evening explaining more about the secondary school - it is going to be a big change! Here is a photo of him receiving his certificate from the headmaster of the primary school.


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