Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We had another reminder today of how tough life is here. Our guard/gardener, Richard, came to say goodbye as he went home this evening and asked if he could take home a couple of things. There were an old paint pot and a large empty Hershey's syrup tin. To us they are just a couple of things that were kept in the shed as they might be useful sometime. They are just as likely to get thrown away. Why did Richard want them? Because they are useful to carry water in. He asked before taking them so that there was no misunderstanding - unfortunately with some other workers things have been taken that we needed that should not have been, such as our ladder. Like most people that live in the compounds his house has no indoor plumbing and water has to be collected from a communal tap and so what is worthless to us has good value to him. He has a young wife, a daughter of seven and a baby boy who is just over six months old. Two of them have been in hospital in recent weeks and here the family has to take food to a patient, it is not provided. Do pray for Richard and his family.


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