Friday, April 25, 2008

Making Nshima

Nshima is the basic foodstuff here in Zambia. It is made from mealie meal, flour made from corn and is cooked with water to make a thickly textured substance which has a mild corn taste. It takes quite a bit of stirring and certainly works your arm muscles! The photo shows Philip and Rachel assisting Josephine, our house help, as she cooks it but I think she did most of the hard work... It is then eaten with 'relish', a word used to describe a whole host of accompanying dishes from chicken cooked with onion and tomato (the Melville's favourite) to kapenta - small fish fried whole with salt. To many Zambians you have not really eaten unless you have had Nshima! A pastor friend of ours says 'rice is rice but nshima is food!' You have probably heard of the increasing price of foodstuffs worldwide and mealie meal is no exception. It has risen around 20% in the last few months and this is going to cause real hardship to thousands in Lusaka and beyond.


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