Sunday, September 30, 2007

Early Impressions

Our children are beginning to settle into school now. The school is the Lusaka International Community School and although the facilities may not be up to the standards of America or England, it is certainly far better than the community schools I visited in the compounds/townships. Here is a picture of Philip playing badminton in the meeting area / sports hall / assembly hall. They hope this year to put some walls up as unfortunately the wind comes straight through. It make badminton interesting!!

The scenery around around the city is wonderful.
Right now it is like spring time and the blossoms on the trees are awesome. This is a picture taken as we drove home. This is a view down the main road that takes us towards our house at sunset (see our website FAQ for a picture of our house and road). Every morning when we open the curtains at 6.00am I see an equally awesome sunrise.

Last Sunday I was asked to preach at a compound/township church. The building is a basic concrete shell with a roof held up by some very rickety timbers. From the outside you could see large cracks where the walls are coming apart. The managed to fit over 200 people in with another 50 or so outside. The heat inside was stifling. The offering the members managed to give was about $6.00. Most of the people have no jobs and yet they were so generous to us giving us small local gifts and soft drinks. We had to sit at the front in the only two chairs in the church as guests of honor. It was a very humbling experience. They have asked me to come back and speak at an afternoon service for orphans. They expect 500 orphans to turn up and they hope to give them all a soft drink. Soft drinks cost over 50 cents a bottle so we are not sure how they will afford it. If anyone is interested in supporting orphans with a one time gift, please email me and let me know it is coming so we can give it to the church before Sunday. Details are at and remember to note it for orphans.