Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Local School Project

This is a couple of pictures of one of the school projects being done through a Church in the compound. This "building" has plastic sheeting as walls and is where the whole school met during the week as well as the Church on Sundays. Through donations to this project they are building a new school and will eventually build a new Church building as well. This project is Living Hope. If you wish to donate to this, you can visit our website at and see the support page. Instead of sending it for us, send it for Living Hope, or just schools. Here is a picture of the new building being built. They hope to have all the money to finish it soon so they can also train the local community as well as have a day school.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Week In Zambia

So here we are at the end of the first full week in Zambia. The rest of the team are all great and have been very encouraging and thoughtful in helping us start to settle. We are learning that things that may take just a short time in the West can take days here.
We have a reasonable house in a part of Lusaka called Olympia extension- a good size three bedroom place (good size for Brits, probably small for Americans!). With it comes two dogs, a daily house help and 24hr guard. We are already beginning to realize what a responsibility and financial commitment it is having four people work for us and it could be tough on our budget – it is a huge adjustment having been used to having the house to ourselves, but it is not really an option not to employ here. It is normal to provide a sack of mealie for each worker each month and we delivered those at the beginning of the week and met the families of our workers. It was very sobering to go back to the compounds and see the living conditions. We will post a few pictures with the next update but the internet cafe is running so slowly today we won't risk trying to upload pictures!
A few days later we visited with a pastor in Matero district of a compound and got our temperamental and somewhat scruffy Toyota landcruiser scratched quite a lot as children scribbled on it using cooking charcoal. The pot holes and lack of roads in the compounds would eat up a regular car so we are glad we have the 4x4, but we still can’t quite believe how much we have paid for our car! But then so many things are expensive here – we were checking out broadband connection for our house and there are only a couple of possibilities. The one that gave all the costs would set you back $675 to set up and then an additional $90+ each month – so we will be hanging out here at the internet café pretty frequently…
The children have started school now but aren't telling us too much on how there days go but hopefully as they settle in we can add a school posting soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Visiting England

Visiting England for five weeks meant that by the time it was time to move on, it was very hard as we had begun to feel very much at home. We managed to see nearly all our direct family and even managed to see one of Grahams Aunties. We traveled 100's of miles around the country visiting friends and managed to get two Sundays at our old Church as well. There is never enough time to see everyone we wanted to, so sorry to all those who didn't get to see us or who only got a brief hello.
Philip's favorite part was visiting his old best friend from England and also the trips to Lego land and a Star Wars exhibition with Sarah.
Rachel's favorite part was getting her driving license at Lego land and she had a great time with everyone she met, especially girls of similar age! We all enjoyed seeing Sarah's niece Rebekah - especially Sarah and Rachel.

Wednesday 15th is our big day of leaving from the dreaded Heathrow airport. Apparently we have a 1 in 8 chance of some of our baggage being lost by BA, so we are praying that our 11 bags all make it.

In Zambia, internet access will be limited, but we will try to keep up with regular posts.