Sunday, July 15, 2007

Leaving America

Leaving America was a bitter sweet time for us. Some time ago we had thought how much easier it would have been if we had been called and left before we had started to make such good friends, but looking back now, although it made it harder, we were happy to be sad at leaving such good friends. Also knowing that in two years time when we return, many of them will still be there made it easier to leave.

The Swing family from New Church in our home town of Morgan Hill looked after us by providing us with a home for June and the beginning of July. This was at the same time as housing the Ripley family who are also missionaries from West Hills our home Church in Morgan Hill. Our church is blessed to have such good friends.

Packing our bags for two years was a major challenge and source of stress. What was important to me, was not so important to Sarah and visa versa! We packed,weighed and repacked and reweighed and with a bit of culling eventually managed to fit it in.